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October 31, 2006


Your Dad

So put it up. Last year the Pacers went 41-41 and the year before 44-38.

This year?

Can they even make the playoffs?

BTW - Pacers just announced $4.00 ticket offer. Obvioulsy they need to get some butts in the seats.


Quit being cynical, there is a tremendous upside to the squad this year: they're packing heat.

If they are successful, I think that I will arange strippers for Inglewood's midnight madness in a couple of weeks. Inspiring, and fun for all ages.

"BTW": Did you really write that Pa?

So BTW- 8 points and five fouls from Baby Al? Nice.

Your Dad

Yeap, that's me.

Good luck on the game tonight. Looks tough. Culver killed you and they killed Culver.

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